Jill and Martin Day

Day2Day Conversations is the ministry of Jill and Martin Day.

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Welcome to Day2Day Conversations and the ministry site of Martin and Jill Day.

We work together, and separately, providing teaching, coaching and Martin Day in conversationencouragement. Between us we also coordinate and lead conferences and retreats as well as producing resources across various media including video, music and the written word.

Our desire is to serve those within, and outside, of the Christian community from our understanding of the Gospel of Christ, which is good news for anyone who is drawn to Him. We do so by offering ourselves in those areas that we do well.

Why 'Conversation'?

Most of what we do is two way. It's about relationship. We might have some knowledge and wisdom to share but above all we want to share life. We have a network of people who we share life with and friendships that we give to and receive from. Our desire is to extend and expand that friendship and help grow a community of faith.

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