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Day2Day Conversations is the ministry of Jill and Martin Day.

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Our beliefs are very much in line with what mainstream Christians believe the world over (see the BCC Statement of Belief), and have remained unchanged since the beginnings of our faith. But we have both come to a place were we have realised that what was once intellectual appreciation of the gospel of Jesus can actually be experienced. We are talking about how "Christ lives in me" and how, irrespective of our actions, we have been justified through faith. So there is now no condemnation for us and we can participate in the divine nature. Christ has completed his part of the bargain ... and ours too! He said 'It is finished" and He is now sat down at the right hand of God because all that was needed has been done. So we can simply be still and know that He is God, understanding that God is in us and we are in God.

Jill explaining how we can find Jesus as lifeAll the important stuff is sorted out: Our standing with God; our eternal security; and the unconditional love that God has for us, that is in no way dependent on our performance. We can experience ... rest. It's the kind of rest that is freedom from stress and anxiety.

And now that all the big things are taken care of, we can discover the desires that God has placed in our hearts to pursue, knowing that if Christ lives in us he will direct in the life he has intended for us.

A new heart and a new spirit

For years our experience was of being on a treadmill of working hard to try to meet God's standards, as if Jesus had not already done that for us! At that time the gospel had meant to us that Christ had died to remove the obstacle of our sins, and gave the promise of heaven. That was the extent of our understanding. What we hadn't understood was that in dying and rising with Him, he had given us a new heart and a new spirit and a new source of life to live from. We just hadn't known how to access that or even really believed that it was available.

There is still a problem

An understanding of what the Bible calls 'the Flesh' has been key to seeing why we previously failed to connect with our true identity in Christ. Also why our behaviour so often doesn't match up to the faith we profess. The Flesh is the way we learned to live before we ever knew God, before we had that new heart and spirit.. Psychologists would use the term 'coping mechanisms' and that is exactly what the Flesh is - all the ways we found to make life work out of our own resources. Even though we now have access to Christ living in us, and to His resources, the Flesh is the well worn path. The Flesh responses we make have become like a reflex. They are 'second nature' to us, but in reality we have a primary nature, which is pure, and from which we can respond.

What does this mean then?

Does this freedom mean that we can do what we please, that we can be self-serving and lazy? Not at all! Those traits are more to do with the Flesh and are the very mind-set and behaviours that we have been freed from! What we are freed into is living from Christ's life and to be His expression in our world. It's quite simple, although not always easy - the Flesh, the desire to serve ourselves, and the need for control that these things demand, are powerful habits that can be hard to break. But God has strategies to break our reliance on the Flesh. Our part is to trust Him enough to follow Him through painful places in order to die to our old selves and so experience new life in Christ, living true to the new creations we already are.

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