Jill and Martin Day

Day2Day Conversations is the ministry of Jill and Martin Day.

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Martin's book 'The Animal Parables' as Paperback or Kindle available from

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Martin and Jill are part of the BCC Christian community, a network of friends connected simply by relationship and shared faith. You can find out more about our journey together at BrookwoodCommunityChurch.org.uk. We also run a private forum that helps keep everyone in this community stay connected, called Gracebook.

We have also worked with the Transformational Leadership Centre (TLC) and hope to again in the future; TLC-Centre.com gives more information about their work.

Martin has studied with Grace Ministries international (GMI) in Atlanta.
See GMInt.org.

Our other interests

Martin explains the exchanged lifeShallowDeep - Martin's creative web site with blog, stories, scripts, lyrics, MP3 downloads and video clips.

Sumo Experience - Martin's part-time sumo wrestling party business.

DeClutter Day - Jill's part-time Life-Laundry business.

'The Animal Parables' - more about Martin's book of short stories..

'So Grounded!' - the board game for teenagers (& their parents) that Martin has invented

'Sharp To The Flat' - the musical that Martin has written and is currently developing for stage and film

Salt Solution - The Christian rock band fronted by Martin in the '80s and '90s. There is also a My Space site for this band. Salt Solution's album 'Arctic Frosties' is currently available from buy from Amazonand "all good online e-tailers".

Further useful links

Bible Gateway - An excellent bible translation site.

LifeStream Ministries - Our friend Wayne Jacobsen's site has free resources including Podcasts, the Transition teaching series and the Jesus Lens audio & video series which gives an overview on how to approach reading the Bible.

Remarkable Replacement Army - Our friend Stan Firth has written two books on the Christian living outside the “Organised Church”, both available from his site as free downloads.

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