Jill and Martin Day

Day2Day Conversations is the ministry of Jill and Martin Day.

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Jill coachingSo what is it we do?

God has led us into a fuller understanding of the Gospel than we had ever imagined, of finding life in Christ that doesn't just stop with salvation. It is this we teach and share. Some might call it the 'Full Gospel', 'The Rest of the Gospel' or 'The Exchanged Life' but we understand it simply as all that Christ came to give us!


To this end we are both engaged in coaching, a form of personal discipleship. Martin was trained in this at Grace Ministries International in Atlanta and Jill received her training in the UK. Martin in conversationCoaching has a definite start and end and usually lasts for 12 to 20 sessions. In this we look at the ways the individual has learned, from childhood, to view and cope with life. Together we start to see how turning aside from old and unhelpful patterns of thought can be achieved. In understanding this we can then learn how to live with Christ at our centre. We see God use this process to open eyes and transform lives.


Jill is the instigator and organiser of a variety of events, which include gatherings, conferences, retreats or equipping and training events. Martin will often be involved with the planning of these, contributing teaching and using creative forms of communication - and can even simply 'run the fun'! Both of us can act as facilitators and leaders of such events.

Martin presentingSpeaking

Martin is available to speak at events and churches and can draw on his collection of songs, audio/video presentations and stories to illustrate his teaching.

The written word

The Animal Parables - Martin's bookMartin publishes a blog and has written a unique collection of short stories communicating life lessons and Christian truth. 'The Animal Parables' is available internationally via online book sellers and in an increasing number of bookshops. It is particularly suitable for both non-Christians and children. He has also written a number of scripts for his comical teaching puppet, Pod.


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